Panoramic Solution

180° Views - Broad Surveillance Coverage

VIVOTEK provides the most extensive line of 180° panoramic solutions in IP surveillance. By covering such a wide view in a single video/image, it provides users with the simplest method for situational surveillance. With practically no loss of angles for blind spots, events can be fully captured. VIVOTEK's 180° panoramic solutions are available in a wide range of megapixel resolutions and housings, suitable for a diverse range of applications including retail, education, transportation, and many more.

High-Quality Surveillance

Along with offering amazing 180° HFOV coverage, VIVOTEK Panoramic Network Cameras also incorporate other value-added features. In order to combat high contrast lighting environments, WDR Pro is included on all models. All models have built-in panoramic IR illuminators, ensuring 24/7 surveillance coverage. (excluding CC8160)

Fulfill Wide Coverage Scenarios

Just as there are different domes or bullet cameras for different situations, the same goes for 180° panoramic solutions. VIVOTEK provides three different segments of panoramic solutions, each designed for different environments and coverage distances. The compact sized CC line utilizes a single fisheye lens to provide recognition up to 10m, with both indoor and outdoor options available. The outdoor MS9390-HV utilizes 2 images stitched together to provide an 8MP panoramic image, great for recognition up to 20m. Then for the most extensive coverage, VIVOTEK offers the 20MP MS9321-EHV that provides day/night video via 4 image sensors stitched together to provide the furthest coverage.

Various Applications

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VIVOTEK develops smart technology with advanced content analysis and superior product capabilities to stay ahead of the business.

    Cybersecurity Management Solution

    VIVOTEK offers complete cybersecurity in both network cameras and network video recorders (NVR) which are safeguarded by Trend Micro IoT Security. Moreover, VIVOTEK also improved management capability in its Video Management Software (VMS) VAST 2, providing users with additional protective benefits, including the Instant Alert Notifications, allowing users to receive notifications either automatically or manually, and real-time Cyber Risk Dashboard to easily identify common types of cyber attacks, leveling-up overall cybersecurity management capability.

    Smart Motion Detection

    VIVOTEK's Smart Motion Detection enables instant recognition of people activities, effectively reduces false alarms, and avoids the time wasted for security staff to verify triggered but false events.

    * MS9390-HV & MS9321-EHV only.

    Smart VCA

    VIVOTEK Smart VCA is the next-generation video analytics suite running on VIVOTEK cameras for security applications. The on-board Smart VCA suite includes Intrusion Detection, Loitering Detection, Line Crossing Detection, Unattended Object Detection, Missing Object Detection, Face Detection, Crowd Detection, and Running Detection.

    * MS9390-HV & MS9321-EHV only.

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