About Us

Who We Are

We are a privately held company, incorporated and operating in Malaysia since 1969. Our journey began as a modest electronic component trader, but today, we have evolved into one of the leading importers and distributors of IP video surveillance solutions. Alongside our distribution efforts, we provide comprehensive technical support to our valued clients.

Our portfolio primarily comprises two prominent brands: VIVOTEK and DIGIEVER. Now, let us share our story and shed light on why these brands hold a special place in our offerings.

In 2003, our foray into the CCTV video surveillance industry gained momentum. The subsequent year witnessed a significant milestone as we relocated our headquarters from Pasar Road to Plaza Low Yat, the thriving IT hub of our nation. Although departing from an electronics shopping strip that had been our home for over three decades was not an easy decision, we foresaw the immense potential in the video surveillance industry. We understood that the future lay in the migration from analog to digital solutions. Our objective was clear: to position ourselves strategically, not only for prospective customers but also for collaboration with top-notch video surveillance suppliers.

True to our vision, over the course of the next decade, we flourished and established ourselves as a major player in the IP video surveillance solutions provider landscape. Our success was shaped by engaging with and learning from a diverse array of world-class video surveillance brands. Through rigorous exploration and countless significant video surveillance projects, our focus gradually converged on two exceptional brands: VIVOTEK and DIGIEVER.

Our selection was not arbitrary; it was the culmination of a decade-long journey filled with trial and error. The decision was driven by the exceptional quality of products, robust technical support, and, most significantly, the unwavering commitment of VIVOTEK and DIGIEVER to empower our system integrator partners. These brands provided invaluable resources and collaboration opportunities, allowing our partners to seamlessly integrate their software and/or hardware with our surveillance solutions, thereby constructing unique, tailored applications.

In 2014, in pursuit of even greater synergy with our system integrator business partners, we relocated once more. Our new home in Puchong, a town teeming with video surveillance gear importers, enabled us to enhance our services and deliver unparalleled support.