INSIGHT Solution

Empowering AI on Surveillance Systems

VIVOTEK's INSIGHT series provides solutions driven by domain experts by leveraging OSSA®, which allows apps to be easily created, maintained, and updated for the security industry. Working closely with developers, the INSIGHT series represents the future of implementing an open platform into physical surveillance products, enabling system integrators, software and users to enable security cameras to deliver actionable insights.

Driven by OSSA

INSIGHT products use the Technology Stack for video security devices as set forth by the Open Security & Safety Alliance. OSSA®, founded by VIVOTEK and 4 other leading companies in the IP surveillance industry, is a collaboration initiative created for providing standards and specifications for common components including operating system, IoT infrastructure, collective approach for data security and privacy, and a drive for improved levels of performance for security and safety solutions.

Upgrade your Network Cameras to AIoT Devices

INSIGHT cooperates closely with Azena OS, an Android-based operating system based on the OSSA standard. Azena's goal is to be the leading open platform and marketplace for smart security and safety solutions. The Azena platform connects to their Application Store where leading video analytics development companies offer cutting-edge apps.

INSIGHT Series Brochure


From App Store to Camera

The INSIGHT series all use the Azena OS, based on the OSSA standard. Every INSIGHT device can access the Azena App Store which allows users ecosystem freedom, futureproofing, and adaptability.

The Azena App Store

Install cutting-edge apps on INSIGHT models to go above and beyond surveillance. This pioneering Application Store features groundbreaking apps of all kinds, with more added all the time. By adding various Apps to INSIGHT series products, traditional surveillance equipment transforms into valuable sources of actionable data. Apps to help retailers improve store layout. Apps to improve traffic flow. Apps to check for face masks. And many more.

VIVOTEK Approved Apps

Event Adaptor For Ease and Confidence

Azena offers hundreds of apps and INSIGHT features only a few as Featured Apps. We tested Featured Apps repeatedly for stability and integration in our offices, we put INSIGHT devices to the test so you can put INSIGHT to work.

Azena apps send out different data formats, such as XML, JSON, CSV, and PlainText. Translating data formats into a uniform JSON format makes it easier to integrate into your system. Only INSIGHT comes pre-installed with VIVOTEK's Event Adaptor, which makes it easier to set up and maintain your app and VMS. Our Featured Apps are also made possible because we collaborate with developers for optimization.

Each INSIGHT device is slated for periodic software updates for both app and firmware, saving time for integrators while giving them security enhancements.

Efficiency Through Artificial Intelligence

Data collecting Apps working across multiple industries, enabling action in real time.

    PPE Detection

    Gun Detection

    Flood Detection

    Seat Occupancy

    Fire & Smoke Detection

    Crowd Detection