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VIVOTEK Bolsters Its Supreme Night Visibility Product Portfolios with Three New Network Cameras, FD8154, FD8154V and IB8354-C

Taipei, Taiwan - VIVOTEK announced today the launch of its three new network cameras, including compact fixed dome network camera FD8154 and FD8154V and bullet-style network camera IB8354-C, bolstering its SNV (Supreme Night Visibility) product portfolios.

FD8154, FD8154V and IB8354-C all feature 1.3-Megapixel resolution and the ability to output 30 frames per second in H.264 compression. Equipped with SNV technology, three cameras offer unparalleled night visibility under low light conditions. With quality optical components and sophisticated image signal processing algorithm, they could reproduce high quality image while lighting is insufficient. Moreover, designed with a removable IR-cut filter as well as improved IR illuminators, which is effective up to 20M, FD8154, FD8154V and IB8354-C can secure superior image quality for the entire day.

FD8154V and IB8354-C are especially designed for diverse outdoor applications. Both cameras are encased in an IP66-rated weatherproof housing for protecting camera from rain, dust and harsh environmental conditions. FD8154V is especially made of IK10-rated vandal-proof housing, making it a robust choice.

Steve Ma, Executive VP at VIVOTEK, stated, "With the rising demand for intelligent video content analysis and the high business value that the video contains, the video resolution, quality and usability should be taken into consideration at the same time. Today, we are pleased to launch three new network cameras FD8154, FD8154V and IB8354-C with our advanced SNV technology. They are absolutely the ideal options for performing high quality surveillance around the clock."

VIVOTEK Announces the Release of Its Central Management Software VAST 1.8 Version

Taipei, Taiwan - VIVOTEK is pleased to announce the release of its central management software VAST 1.8 version. For enhancing the flexibility and scalability of the entire surveillance solutions, VIVOTEK has added a series of new features to this new version, including ONVIF Camera Support, Device Packs, Playback Rewind, Seamless Recording, Windows Active Directory. More uniquely, VIVOTEK expanded the language support with Persian and Russian.

VAST, is VIVOTEK self-developed central management software for managing IP surveillance products. With intuitive functions and several easy-of-use features, VAST provides unlimited supports to cameras, servers and clients in a hierarchical system structure, efficiently and effectively monitoring, recording, playback, and event trigger management. With those new advanced features just announced today, VAST 1.8 version is indisputably capable of constituting a robust system for stores, banking, and public space. Users, who have installed older versions, can easily upgrade to 1.8 version directly by downloading from VIVOTEK’s official website.

Steve Ma, Executive VP at VIVOTEK, stated, "To provide our customers with user-friendly surveillance solutions is always the top priority. Therefore, in addition to hardware products, VIVOTEK has also been putting great efforts to developing video management software. By taking customers’ needs and various circumstances of each installation into consideration, we have been working hard on the VAST performance enhancement continuously. Today, we are quite pleased to announce the release of the upgraded version of VAST, which is believed to bring users with better security and better operational efficiency."